Toadily Toads Welcomes Our New Friend, Big Fred the Rococo Toad!

Big Fred's human, Joel, sent us these great pictures and a little info about Fred. He is five months old and is about half-way grown, and getting bigger fast. He enjoys crickets, and mice. Right now, Big Fred weighs about two pounds, and Joel hopes he will get over four. Big Fred enjoys burrowing in the shade, and on occasion, bathing in the sun.

We'd love to hear from anyone else who has a toad they'd like to have us feature. You can also send us comments and questions about Big Fred and we will happily forward them to Joel.

Thanks Joel for these great pics and congratulations to Big Fred on being the first guest toad to be featured on! Big Fred is a good looking toad, alright. I'm sure our girl would bat her lashes at him!

Big Fred

Big Fred

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