Dex the Pacman Frog Rememberance Gallery

This is a gallery dedicated to the loving memory of an adorable baby albino pacman frog that I nursed for several months. We named him Dex after a guy we know (don't ask). He wasn't with us for all that long, but we were heartbroken when he died. Neither of us had ever had a ornate horned frog before and we had high hopes that Dex would have healed and then grew up to be an adult. Sadly, he didn't make it. We soon there after got a non-albino baby, around the same size as Dex, named him Pebbles and have thus far had no problems with him at all.

     Dex's eye was injured, most likely during the trip from the pet shop to the house. He had a blurred, obviously infected eye from the time we got him home, but his eye did not look like that in the store, hence my conclusion that he was injured in transit. I will give more information throughout this gallery.

a_dex_closeup b_dex_fish c_dex_new_tank d_1-25-04_eye1
e_1-25-04_eye2 f_1-25-04_eye3 g_1-25-04_eye4 h_dex_3104

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