Rococo Toad Gallery

Here is a great shot of my two babies! This picture gives you an idea of just how big a Rococo Toad is. My daughter is holding the female, Gardilla and keep in mind, my daughter stands over 5'1" tall. Our Rococos seem to like being cradled, perhaps because they enjoy human body heat. They've yet to expel water on any of us and when being held, they breath normally. They even seem to fall asleep sometimes. We were even able to hand feed them from the day we got them home. Yes, their huge glands can emit bufotoxins, just like a Cane Toad, however, aside from a little bit of leakage the first day home, they don't emit any. I could only imagine what you might have to do to one of these wonderful, docile animals to make them feel that threatened. They are extremely laid back and easy going.

NOTE: Regardless of whether or not they appear to be emitting toxins, always wash your hands thoroughly after handling any toad capable of excreting bufotoxins. Always supervise children when handling these animals and do not let a child who is too rough or hyper handle them, as this may cause them to be frightened and leak. Keep these giant toads away from pet dishes. Just soaking in a dog or cat bowl can cause sickness or death to your dog or cat.

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