Rococo Toad Gallery

Here is a wonderful shot of the two of them in the water bowl. They don't usually go in together, but he was already in the water when his wife decided to join him. This picture shows wonderful detail of their skin. I love the way she rests her hand on him, too. The bowl is quite large. Its the size of a really big dog bowl. We intend to move them into a larger tank at some point and hope to find a really big natural looking rock water bowl, but this one seems fine with them. They go in periodically and soak a while and then go back to the cave.

When we first got Jabba, he was very dehydrated. He stayed in the water from the time he arrived at our local, privately owned pet store, until about the third day after we had him. The same was true of our Tomato frog. Perhaps they got overly dehydrated on their journey to the pet store. The female did not seem dehydrated and has never spent a great amount of time in the water.

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