White's Treefrog Remembrance Gallery - 2003

Of all the frogs I've ever known, I believe that White's Treefrogs, (also called "Dumpy Treefrogs and Smiling Treefrogs) are as close to a toad as you can get in terms of disposition, perhaps more so than even a pacman frog. They are naturally peaceful and all have a "smiling Buddha" expression all the time. They even fold their hands in a prayer position called "Namaste". They don't seem to mind human handling as much as most frogs do. They aren't riled up by much.
They eat pretty much the same foods as toads do. In fact, this species is prone to becoming quite fat. We have seen White's in two sizes - big and bigger. Ours were the bigger type. The one problem is, they have delicate skin and to pet them or even handle them at all, we had to wet our hands or else their skin would stick to us. They need warmth and humidity and even though we tried, our old home, where they were at the time, was too drafty for them. We aren't sure how it happened, but they ended up catching red-leg, which is a potentially fatal disease. Toads are also prone to it, however, they tend to be hardier and easier to cure should they get it.

This gallery is devoted to the memory of our favorite White's Treefrogs, Baby Girl and Baby Boy. They are missed and will always be loved.

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