Welcome to Toadily for Kids Fun & Games Page!

Hello and welcome to Toadily For Kids Fun & Games! This section will feature some of the fun and games found on the main toadilytoads.com site, but also some new ones just for kids! So explore the links below and have fun. Check back from time to time. You never know when we will add new things!

Dress Kisco - a fun activity. Click the clothes onto Kisco the toad! Requires older to new versions of Flash so almost anybody can play.

Word search challenge - here are some word search puzzles that are challenging and fun. Great for older kids and adults!   Puzzle 1 Puzzle 2 Puzzle 3

Which one is a toad? - Let's see if you can figure out which of these are frogs and which are toads! (game coming soon)

Simple Word Search Challenge - great for younger kids!

Harry Potter fans, click here!

Lemony Snicket "A Series of Unfortunate Events" fans, click here!

Visit the Toadily Toads media review section for reviews on toad related books, movies, DVDs and more!

Color the toad - print and color or save this page and open it in a picture editor and digitally add color! (game coming soon)

The recycle game - can you guess which items are really trash and which items are recycleable? (game coming soon)

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