Toadily Toads Welcomes Mortie the Rococo Toad!

Mortie the Rococo Toad

This is Mortie. He is a really cute Rococo toad from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Mortie enjoys exploring his surroundings sometimes, but he is happiest when eating juicy earthworms. He is most active at night, like any good toad should be, and that's his favorite time to use the water bowl. Mortie's human, Nicole tells us that Mortie spends much of the day hiding in the shade.

Mortie sure has a baby face, but he is fairly big as you can see by the pictures below. He weighs about half a pound, according to his human.

Mortie the Rococo toad fits in your hand

side view of Mortie the Rococo toad

Mortie is looking forward to moving into a new larger tank without all that annoying (though very attractive) frog moss. Mortie, like all toads, simply needs some additive free, organic soil to burrow in and a nice hide box, rock cave or toad house. His human would undoubtedly enjoy some fake plants for decor, but he would just be happy with the dirt, hiding place and clean water. Also, a nice scenic background around the tank to make him feel more secure.Toads are not real picky.

Mortie the Rococo in his tank

If you would like to contact Mortie's human, Nicole, she would love to hear from you. You can email her at:

Thanks for sharing these cute pictures!

And be sure to play with Nicole's Dress Kisco Digital Doll made special for this site!

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