Toadily Toads Welcomes Guest Bufo Americanus, Roada!

Toadily Toads is pleased to present our first guest bufo americanus, Roada. She is SO cute! Here is her story as told by her human, Elaine. (Please note, we do not recommend leaving toads and certain frogs in tanks with frog moss due to risk of intestinal impaction due to swallowing substrate).

Roada was found about a month ago? on the Nor/bath Pike (AKA: 191), a rather busy road as it leads to the Nazareth Speedway. We live in Pennsylvania by the way. I was coming home from my daughter's dance lesson and
it was about 9:30 at night. It had just been raining all day.

I spotted some movement on the road and drove over her. I was afraid I had hit her so I made a u turn and drove back stopping in front of her in the middle of the road with highbeams and flashers on . I went over to her and picked her up seeing her one leg seemed to be broken I handed her to my daughter and we took her home. I was sure she would have been road kill had I left her there. Next day went to Petco with my oldest son and he shelled out over $50 worth of stuff and "Roada" and she now had a safe home. I was considering releasing her back into nature, but her leg seemed broken as she kinda dragged it out behind her.

Well, my son took care of her and fed her and the leg seemed to have healed up nicely she walks fine in fact it is hard to tell unless you look closely her leg was ever hurt. We are keeping her because we have become attached to her and enjoy having her around. We all think she's really cute and she seems to love when we rub her side and back. She is so much fun to photograph as she sits so nicely! Well that's about it .
Elaine - Roada's Mom
(p.s.and that's the way we spell it cause she was found on the road)

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