Rococo Toad Gallery

The Rococo tank is located in the same room as most of the other animal's tanks. We let Jabba take a hop around the room to see what the neighborhood was like. He hopped on over to the Bufo Americanus tank. Woodstock stared at him and he stared at her. He didn't lick his tongue on the glass (like the female Rococo did), but instead kept trying to get into their tank! Kisco stayed safe and sound in the cave with Tiny. She wasn't taking chances. Of course, once Jabba met Gardilla, he forgot all about Woodstock.

This is a great picture to compare the size of a young Rococo to a full grown Bufo Americanus, though. Woodstock is a BIG girl. She measures over 4" from snout to vent, just to give you an idea. He's a big boy.

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