Rococo Toad Gallery

All of our Bufos love earthworms. So does our Tomato, too. But a Rococo can easily eat those BIG earthworms, sucking them down like sphegetti. Of the three Bufo Americanus, only Woodstock could eat one as big as Jabba has here, and even then, she works at it for over a half hour. It only took him about 30 seconds to suck this down.

In nature, toads will pretty much try to eat anything that fits in their mouth that happens to walk by. Whenever a worm this size would make its way into my old pal Fleegle's outdoor tank, she'd do the same thing Woodstock would do and struggle for a half hour, but eventually get it down. Normally, I choose size appropriate worms, however. To a Rococo, a really big earthworm isn't all that big.

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