"The Spotted Leopard Frog" by Karlie
Karlie's Korner, October 2007

One day while I was catching grasshoppers for my toad in the field down the road, I saw a huge spotted leopard frog! We were having a cold spell and it was 45 degrees F outside, and I new he would be dead by tomorrow if I didn't catch him. I caught the frog and put it in an aquarium.

The frog was so big, it was bigger than my toad!

The next day there was frost on the ground! My parents said that I was lucky I caught the frog! I was right. The frog would have died of the cold if I hadn't save it. I had to go to my sister's volley-ball game, so he had to stay home alone. I was worried about him, but when I got home I was glad to see him sitting in the water dish!

The next day was Sunday. It was 60 degrees F outside. Perfect for me to let the critter go! So I set him free in the field where I found him. I was glad I knew I helped the frog species just a little tiny bit.

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