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Toadily Toads is pleased to present "Karlie's Korner", a new and interesting part of toadilytoads.com! This area will feature a very cool kid named Karlie. She's almost 12 years old and she is really smart! She loves toads and wants to do what she can to help the environment and amphibians. Be sure to check out her monthly column and join her in the Toadily For Kids message & discussion forum! You will need a password to get into that forum, so click here to request one by filling out the contact form and telling us a little about yourself and why you want to join the kids discussion board. Contact messages are checked once a day or more, so you will have your password soon!

And now, without further ado ................ here's Karlie!!!!!

Hello, my name is Karlie. I help Kisco with the forum, and the website. Right now I'm in 6th grade and it's 2007.

The first time I saw a toad I loved it! I was just 3. Ever since then, every summer I search my back yard for toads. Once when I was having bad luck, I went on www.google.com and typed in "How to attract a toad to your garden." I found the webpage from toadilytoads.com, and I've loved the site ever since! I hope you enjoy the site, and learn the things on how to keep a pet toad, how to care for them, chat with toad lovers on the forum, and have a great time on the site!!! We've worked hard to make it very informative.

Click on a date below to read my column for that month

September 2007 - "My First Experience With Amphibians"

October 2007 - "The Spotted Leopard Frog"

May and June 2008 - "The Bullfrog" and "I'll Never Be a Scientist" (or so she thought)

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