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Introducing, the all new Toadily For Kids!

2008 WAS the Year of the Frog!
Please visit the website of the Amphibian Ark Project and learn what YOU can do to help the global amphibian crisis taking place right NOW!

Please help us to help toads. Support this site.Come visit our very cool and ever growing store at Cafe Press to find fun toad related stuff. Anything you buy from our store helps pay for the web hosting and domain renewal. Help us help toads. Buy something nice today and help a toad in need!
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Thought provoking article and ideas on how YOU can make a big difference to the global earth and amphibian crisis!

URGENT! Learn the TRUTH about the Cane Toad problem in Australia!

article revised with important updates March 2009

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NEW! A Visit to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk Connetiicut

added March 2009

All New Section - Toadily Good Karma! Do good for toads, Earth and humankind!

added July 2008

The all new vitual awards! See who earned the Toadily Toads Earthian Award!

Added August 2008

NEW! A review of the childrens books by's Carole Tobey!

Added August 2007

Toadilytoads visits the Museum of Natural History's Frog Show in 2007- See the changes

Added September 2005

Pictures and review: visits the Museum of Natural History's Frog Show in 2004

Added September 2005

Pictures of our favorite bufo americanus Muffin and Matilda (Rest in Peace Matilda 11/8/06)

Added September 2005

* How to tell a male from a female toad! You asked for it. Here it is!

Added September 2005

* Check out our beautiful organic container garden

Added September 2005

* A tribute to Hunter. A bufo viridis (European Green Toad) who couldn't be saved

Added September 2005

* Toadily Toads article and images of toads in the house's window well!

Added September 2005

* Thomasina, a Western Toad (bufo boreas) in Colorado

Added September 2005

* Toadily Toads Media Review of Books "Toad Rage" and "Toad Heaven" by Morris Glietzman

Added April 2005

Check out our baby Giant Pyxie (pyxicephalus adspersu)

Added April 2005:

A gallery of excellent photos of our toad, Melanie, a bufo melanostictus!

Added April 2005

Toadily Toads Frequently Asked Questions!

Added April 2005

the Dwarf African Claw Frog!

Added April 2005

Pebbles the Pacman Frog Gallery!

Added April 2005

A new word search puzzle has been added. Try solving Kisco's Wordsearch Puzzle 3 in our Toadily Fun section!

Added long ago: Toadily Toads Media Review of the Harry Potter Series! Singing Rococos! YAAAH!

NEW and UPDATED! The long awaited Rococo Toad care questions and answers!!!!

COOL! The digital Kisco the Toad dress-up doll! Play online or download the game

Added ages ago: Tomato Frog Gallery in the Photogallery section!

Added ages ago: Rococo Toad Gallery in the Photogallery section!

FUN new features have been added on the Toadily For Fun page! Vote now in Kisco's poll!

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